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Stainless steel stairway fabrication for STW

During our 9 years we have carried out all types of fabrications using knowledge from over 35 years experience. We have built up a good commercial customer base and continue to do so by regularly installing high quality work.

We regularly install gates and railings to factories and shops for that added security. We can base our designs around a more robust security minded look or a more decorative look but still keeping the security aspect in mind. All types of gates can be automated if required and we can add automation to existing gates where access and security is becoming an issue. Again all access systems are suitable.

We are able to cope with most types of metal fabrications whether it be, sign manufacture, fire escapes, anti-slip flooring in shops, on-site welding and repairs, aluminium and stainless welding and fabrications. We have specialist equipment in house for working with aluminium and stainless steel, we can offer our services carrying out small repairs to aluminium casings and such, right through to complete stainless staircases, and stainless combined with glass decorative balustrades and stairs.

We work regularly with Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council providing them with all types of work including, decorative estate signs, palisade security fencing and repairs, car park barriers, drop posts, swing barriers, mesh guards, security grilles and gates, stainless cladding to shops to name but a few.

One area of work we are particularly proud of is the complete design, manufacture and installation of steel and aluminium glass carrying racks for Mercedes and Ford. This work has been carried out for various window manufacturers including the likes of Cold seal and Astra seal, two massive companies in there own right. This is generally a bespoke service due to a massive van range, however we can usually have your rack installed within a week from start to finish.

We stock various large angles and flats for use within the window trade and regularly supply building companies with RSJ’s for structural work. We have manufactured structural work that has then been used in buildings to support elaborate window features and cantilever flooring systems.

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